happy new moon…

the last new moon of the year.

Chani Nicholas – New Moon in Sagittarius

Chani is not generally my favorite writer, but the last few paragraphs of this make my tender little sagittarius heart sing, like I’m standing alone in a bright, snow-filled clearing.

I will probably write more about Saturn going into Capricorn after so damn long (Dec 2014 to now), because that has been such a tough transit for me. Saturn, all beige-y, mothball smelling, and like eating a steady diet of raw kale and cooked liver… all good for you with a side of misery. It taught me extremely hard, extremely good lessons, but damn if it didn’t obstruct so many of my inherent gifts. Sort of like the difference between when the Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color, but in reverse… like having all the color taken away. I’m glad to be getting my colors back.