water rights


In case anyone was doubtful, Elon Musk is a Cancer Sun (the sign the sun just left)… and that Sun is square Uranus… Tesla in more ways than one. Walking away from an issue around water (Cancer) and technology (Uranus) would be nearly impossible for him (Aries rising).

And also, because go internet… 😂 2018-07-16


You guys, occasionally problematic Elon Musk heard all of us!!! It’s one stressor to feel slightly less stressed about! PROGRESS. I guess when Thailand was like ‘Nah, Elon… keep your child submarine, we got this,’ the urge to do good was already poistioned in the chamber. (You hearing this, Bezos?)

And, if that isn’t sufficiently New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer for you, the Mr. Rogers movie is out of limited release. Sooo, now everyone can go weep openly in public with total strangers for two hours. Ah, Cancer season… never change.

Screenshot 2018-07-11 22.36.48

I have thoughts about these 3 eclipses, but I got stung in the face yesterday and look like Ron Pearlman in Beauty and the Beast, so I’ll just do a round up of nice writings instead and then go ice my face.

Salient Writing from Jessica Lanyadoo

Gray Crawford – Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

July and August Eclipses – Julie Demboski

Solar Eclipse in Cancer – Chani Nicholas 


Also I made this dank meme for yesterday, and I’m ridic proud of it. (I don’t actually speak as such… I’m the uncool equivalent of Poochie in The Simpsons.)

Sagittarius during Jupiter Retrograde