To read: 75 Years In The Making — Harvard Just Released Its Epic Study On What Men Need To Live A Happy Life

The below linked article, study, findings and subsequent book are fascinating.

A side note that reading this brings to mind:¬†Though I’m not a believer in: “Happiness-is-ALL-and-what-we-should-each-be-striving-for!” person, a baseline of contentment is key (of course) to fostering any fulfilling, mutual relationship and providing a foundation for community and sustained attachment.

I feel the major goal of life should not be the illusion of “happiness at all cost,” but to experience every aspect at its utmost: grief, joy, fault, accountability, elation, humility, self-empowerment, indecision, shame, and so on. Real, personal growth occurs in the most uncomfortable places and when we do not distract ourselves from that experience, but embrace it, sucking the marrow out of every aspect and turn of life. We cannot be versed, multi-faceted individuals if we never remove ourselves from our familiar, worn-grooves of living. That said, this study remains wholly interesting and I need to acquire the book.

(And I’m thrilled that images from “The Tree of Life,” are attached at the bottom. I cannot love that film more than I do.)