new moon scorpio & jupiter has a say

this album.
it makes me homesick. it sounds like it belongs to chicago in the cold.

if this year has been like crawling across trowel finished concrete with only broken fingernails for help, at least now it has a soundtrack. but jupiter in libra is a balm sinking in, and new moon for scorpio is like a pinhole projector during eclipse; a season to convene potent diction. i load my lap with Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, news on epigenetics, a toddler asking me to sing everything. i fold my hands to still doubt. touch my throat to change thoughts, practice being something that can sway. venus in sagittarius so soon.

new black moon



A dear friend told me recently that when she heard Carolyn Forché speak, Carolyn said to ’empty the hands’ every day. Meaning, get thoughts out and words down so that the work that needs to come through has space to do so. This is just an emptying the hands post.


CW: discussion of alcohol and drinking and not drinking

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