Solstice & Strawberry Moon

During pregnancy, some women told me that if I had an existing ability to strongly intuit or a tie to the divine, pregnancy and delivery could heighten those abilities. The women who say this do so quickly, with pulled lips and in the same tone that they mention mastitis, or the linea nigra… things that can happen, things you should be aware of.  It has been entirely true for me.


Today is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, and the Summer Solstice. This hasn’t happened quite like this since 1948 (a different version was in 1967, as cited in the link below).


These last months I’ve been clearly, constantly urged to shed that which is not mine but was given to me from inception forward. Profound grief, systems of cruelty, and the weight of so much emotional cargo not belonging to me. None of which is me. I feel a strong need to continue dismantling, and to continue to rid myself of that which isn’t mine. And, to somehow recall and manifest who I was before I got here. I’m at once completely vulnerable, and not at all.


I see you, sweet readers. I see those of you who came over from the old blog, quietly emailing me your thoughts and warm, continuing conversation. And the readers who pop in to see if anything is new in my life (so much is new). Even if you don’t feel a tie to the earth or greater cycles and systems of creation, it’s a great time to set new intentions, work to leave behind what’s no longer serving you, and be willing to be wrong about who you are. Give up everything that was never yours to begin with and facet yourself in a truer form.


“It is a tender time.” More on this solstice / full moon by someone waaay more qualified at woo than myself:




BT apiary garden. Protected spring-fed creek with Northern Red Legged frogs.