coping tools, cont’d

SJMick is on air playing my request (black marble – a great design), and I’m missing these two. It’s a good time to cite the triad.


In Illinois. (L) Student Council Pres.(abdicated) (M) Class Council Pres. (R) CHIRP Radio Pres.

A great goodness, these three in a room. The last we were together was the 68-year supermoon, gathered in the desert.

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coping tools


Obviously this is a primary coping tool: digging in with this most amazingly tender, funny, remarkable, and clever child. It’s the most fundamental place for me to go — to be in his world whether reading together or using chalk or exploring outside. It’s where I can feel certain that he is safe and thriving and well, versus the worry, preoccupation, and internal vigilance when we are apart. He’s an anchor that keeps me grounded. In turn I pray that I meet all of his needs, as he encounters them.

My favorite thing I’ve ever been is this child’s mother. My favorite thing I’ve ever done was to grow him from scratch, and that job perpetuates in parenting. I don’t take that for granted. It is a complete honor to mother him.