I’m a brand & marketing consultant, poet, astrologer, tarot reader, and dog keeper in Portland, OR.

I study various schools of critical theory and apply those tenets to tv shows, film, and life. I’ve spent time considering Buffy, Angel, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Deadwood through such lenses. Other topics of interest and areas of study include aesthetics of hunger, faith/divine/the numinous, intersectional feminism, attachment theory and developmental trauma, epigenetics, complex PTSD, and memory & trauma.

My poems have been shortlisted and appeared in Vinyl Poetry & Prose, g a z e, Muse/A Journal, thethepoetry, and others.  Essays have appeared in DRIVE, Pacific Northwest Horticulture, American Mead Maker, and others. I co-edited Winged: New Writing on Bees.

Current tv series: 

Current podcasts: 

Books:  Ultrasound, Secret Lives of People in Love

– Maryanna A.

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