mars squares saturn / last quarter moon


amazonite, turquoise, serpentine, melanite garnet, rhodochrosite, carnelian, amethyst, lepidolite, aventurine

these pulls (not the right word but I don’t know what is) are increasingly salient & intricate; a whole precise language.

(holy moly the rhodochrosite have a lot to say… showing up almost daily since the new year.)


stone pull, 1/17/17.

serpentine, rhodochrosite, purple jade, petalite, carnelian, prehnite, morganite, aquamarine, golden topaz.

(edit edit: after cross-referencing and a lot more research, this sort of broad interpretation is correct, but obviously too simple. It’s like saying Shakespeare was prosodically gifted…

edit: this is urging the most care, connecting, tenderness, grounding, communication, and manifesting…)

notes for the new year


12/20/2016 bloodstone, garnet, blue lace agate x2, chrysocolla, selenite (now I’m questioning whether this is apophylite), emerald, peridot, golden topaz, rhodochrosite, angelite, carnelian, kunzite



1/1/2017 garnet, kunzite, angelite, rose qtz, morganite, prehnite, citrine, silver banded agate, topaz, aegirine in qtz, topaz, celestite, turquoise, lepidolite, carnelian, scolecite, rhodochrosite


repeating: garnet, topaz, angelite, kunzite, carnelian, rhodochrosite