the greatest weekend / the best child. all goodness, all joy, all connected.

on the other hand, this is the weekend i put it together that Michael McDonald was in the Doobie Brothers. it explains so much…

20160821_185004 (1)
my favorite bouquet ever, from the greatest bouquet picker.

Bees bees bees


It’s bee season over here. I wrote an article for the website over here:

Why Hobby Beekeeping Matters

I’m drafting a new, proper update for this blog as well, which I hope to complete soon… thoughts on Betty Draper and what I means to “love her” as a character, other Mad Men thoughts, and this child growing inside me (!).

First, position

All that I wanted when I was small (and all I did for a while) was to dance. Through an early and quick series of painful events, dance was nearly ruined for me entirely, but I have never not-known that it was at my core. My fixation on dance and ballet has always remained. I see ballet as a large metaphor for what we ask women (and men, but less so) to do and be in our culture, which is why I find this video fairly thrilling. It’s like The Red Shoes, but taken to the next level.

Summer things now…


Welp. I guess I just found out how I’ll be spending my summer… Clicky-click:

Recently rewatched “Lullaby,” Angel S3E9. Hence, top photo.

Reading Angel: After the Fall… which is amazing.

Other recent viewings (you can tell school just ended): Film: This Must Be the Place (interesting, Penn is incredible, story and writing miss on few important marks), Silver Linings Playbook (eh, wonderful De Niro performance and I didn’t hate Bradley Cooper, which is something), Hunger Games (eh), White Light/Black Rain (*amazing.* In the way that will make you want to give up entirely and hate a lot of things), Magic Mike (such a good idea but mark very missed… subtext fell flat but had great promise)…