Winged: New Writing on Bees

I’m co-editing a literary anthology: Winged: New Writing on Bees. The submission window is open. We are calling for essays, fiction, poetry, and cross-genre work speaking to bees, pollinators, the relationship between artists and bees, the human/pollinator relationship… Please follow the link to learn more, and share with your friends and fellow writers. A portion of proceeds from sale will be donated to pollinator conservation non-profits.


Aside from that, Autumn-busy-time. Just returned from Pennsylvania and the Mother Earth News Fair for the business, Bee Thinking. It was a huge event. Matt spoke to a very large audience on Saturday about beginning beekeeping & top bar hives.



A torrential downpour wiped us out for a few hours. All of us were wet for the whole day, and a small river spawned and flowed through our booth. Standing in small ponds and trying to save everything from being ruined was exciting. My phone was one casualty. The  most vivid memory was of trying to get our tent walls put up, and the water from the roof running up my sleeves and all the way down my body inside my clothes, into my boots and puddling.

This was my second visit to Pittsburgh and I must say, I find it altogether fantastic. It’s lovely and livable and the right mix of East Coast zero-tolerance for BS, and Midwest down-to-earth folks. Plus, gorgeous architecture, history, and the Penguins.

In October we go to Lawrence, KS. Same event, different town. Hopefully with less rain and better food.

I keep trying to edit and post a long entry I have about miscarriage to share here, but it just sits there, driving home part of the point of the whole thing: that no one talks about miscarriage.

Regarding Breaking Bad, which consumes a great deal of my thoughts these days, I am constantly picking at threads regarding King Lear (as its themes and plot corresponds to BB), Hamlet (with regard to Jesse), the idea of Shakespearean tragedy and / vs. Greek tragedy, what each of Walt’s “sons / creations” say about his devolution (Walt Jr./Flynn, Jesse, Todd), and of course obsessing about color theory and symbolism (Holly in a yellow hat!!). In one way, I can’t wait until the whole thing is over so that I can look at the entire thing and analyze it as a whole, versus picking the bones of each episode, weekly.